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The monitoring of technical networks

The LANCIER Monitoring GmbH is a leading innovator in monitoring techniques since many years. Its origin is the monitoring of telecommunications cables: at first Copper Cable Monitoring, later Fiber Optic Monitoring as well.

Basing on this experience the company offers today sophisticated solutions for District Heating Monitoring and Remote Monitoring of Power Cable Networks.

Since summer 2012 LANCIER Monitoring is official representative of JUN-AIR Compressors and certified service center.

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Copper Cable Monitoring

The LANCIER monitoring system locates faults in telecommunications cables promptly and precisely - regardless of whether the fault is a gradual cable failure or a sudden break (e.g. due to earthworks).

Fiber Optic Monitoring

The transmission quality of fiber optic cables is determined on the basis of the attenuation or power values of a reference fiber.

The use of high-quality sensor technology ensures fast and accurate error detection.

District Heating Monitoring

The LANCIER monitoring system ensures early detection of leaks in district heating networks and thus largely trouble-free operation.

Repairs can thus be carried out in good time before the pipeline fails completely.

Power Cable Monitoring

Signaling contacts of indicators and switchgear in power cable networks can be monitored particularly easily and cost-effectively with the LANCIER monitoring system.

It does not matter whether relay or optical outputs are present.

Structural Health Monitoring

Thanks to permanent monitoring and rapid reporting of unauthorized opening of doors, gates or shafts, any necessary countermeasures to protect the infrastructure and networks inside can be initiated immediately.

Jun-Air Compressors

For over 10 years, LANCIER Monitoring has been the official German representative for JUN-AIR compressors and a certified service center.

The quiet JUN-AIR compressors are suitable for a wide range of applications.

We are member:

LANCIER Monitoring GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Download the PDF file with the certificate right here.