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ContactAlarm2 LTE/UMS

battery-operated and LTEbased contact monitoring device

The ContactAlarm2  LTE/UMS by LANCIER Monitoring is a compact, battery-operated contact monitoring device. It is easy to install and easy to operate. On-site power and network connections are not required. Alarms are sent via LTE or GSM networks.

The ContactAlarm2  LTE/UMS measures and monitors up to six dry contacts at a time (4 remote and 2 near contacts, e.g. floating switches, door contacts etc.) and the ambient temperature.
It surveys all connected contacts about their condition (open/closed) in defined time intervals. The contact conditions are indicated by LED.

If a contact changes its condition or ­temperatures* are beyond thresholds the ­ContactAlarm2  LTE/UMS sends an alarm message to the UMS server via mobile data connection. A weekly status message is always sent, which reports the condition of the equipment. There will be no remote contact surveillance between the measurement cycles.

Contact configuration can be carried out on-site on a laptop via the USB 2.0 port.

All settings are stored securely in the internal EEPROM memory.

*) Higher ambient temperature readings indicate a leak in district heating pipes due to leaking water vapor.

Ordering Data

ContactAlarm2 LTE/UMS
battery-operated 6 channel contact monitoring device with
LTE/GSM based alarming, display and 6 contact inputs                              

Order-no. 076014.000
Spare part
Lithium-Battery 3.6 V

with bracket and connection cable
Order-no. 075969.000

Technical Data

Supply voltageExchangeable lithium battery, 3.6 V
Battery lifetime> 5 years (at daily measurement and weekly status message)

4 remote contacts, distance: up to 3,000 m, monitoring: periodic

2 near contacts, distance: up to 10 m, monitoring: permanent

Measuring range temperature-20 °C .. +140 °C
Display1 x red/green signal LED per remote contact
6 communication status LEDs
On-site operation1 button for real-time measurement with display and
message test transmission
Interfaces1 USB 2.0, temporary, for configuration, threshold adjustment and ­measurement reading
Operating temperature-20 °C .. +50 °C
Admissible humidity0 .. 100 %
Degree of protection by enclosureIP 66
Field of application

Indoor and sheltered installation according to DIN VDE 0100 part 737.
Residential and business area as well as small enterprises

Dimensions (w x h x d)180 x 180 x 100 mm

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