District Heating Monitoring Device

The PipeAlarm2 of LANCIER Monitoring is the compact and cost-effective monitoring device for district heating pipes as well as cooling pipes with surveillance pair inside their insulation layer.

It is easy to install and very user friendly. The device can trigger external alarm equipment such as sirens, beacon lights and others by its integrated dry contacts.

The two channel measuring devices PipeAlarm2 permanently monitor the flow and the return line of a district heating route. For this purpose they measure the insulation and loop resistance of the surveillance pair in the insulation layer of the pipes (both “Nordic System” and “NiCr-System”) according to EN 14419. In case of leakage, cut measuring loop or pipe connection they immediately raise an alarm thus preventing larger damage and economical loss. Pending insulation and loop resistance alarms can be acknowledged by the device’s push-buttons.

PipeAlarm2 devices store the measurement values (insulation and loop resistance) each a day for the last 30 day period to an internal EEPROM memory.

Configuration and threshold settings for insulation and loop resistance are programmable by a laptop which is connected to the Ethernet interface. The laptop’s internet browser is suitable to do this. No extra software is required.