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PipeCheck plus

Hand-held measuring device for district heating pipe sensors

Small, light and efficient: the ­PipeCheck plus mobile measuring device by LANCIER Monitoring is used for inspecting existing or newly installed ­measurement sections in district heating pipeline monitoring.

The +plus of PipeCheck plus

  • Fault location (NiCr-System)
  • Separate measurement of insulation resistance of the wires against pipe at HDW-System
  • Route memos for route identification and remarks
  • Individual measurement for loop survey
  • Comprehensive accessories and outdoor case

Intuitive operation using just three keys. The illuminated, glare-free LC display can also be easily read in difficult lighting conditions. A battery-saving LED torch is integrated into the device for working in dark areas.

The ­PipeCheck plus identifies the MH level, as well as the insulation and loop resistance. By reversing the polarity of the metering voltage automatically, the interference from the element potential is eliminated and so a typical measurement error is avoided.

The ­PipeCheck plus recognises the following faults:

• pipe leakage,
• breaks in the measurement section,
• pipe connection fault,
• contact of a sensing wire with the media pipe
and detects the fault location as well as the length of the loop (for NiCr only).

All measurements are stored on a replaceable memory card with a georeferenced time-stamp (via internal GPS module) for later post-processing on the PC. Route memos help to identify and evaluate particular measuring spots.

The battery-operated measuring device is equipped with a USB port for easy data transfer.

The ­PipeCheck plus is supplied in a handy shock-proof carry case.

Ordering Data

Hand-held measuring device PipeCheck plus
for district heating pipe sensors                              
Order-no. 075410.000
including outdoor box and accessory kit comprising:
1 charging cable with plug for use in cars, 2 test tips, 2 large alligator clips, 1 test plug (1.1 MΩ / 5.8 kΩ, fault 0.1 % of m. v. each), 2 spring clips, 1 replacement magnet, 1 pipe connector mount, 1 pipe connection extension cable, 1 replacement SD memory card

Technical Data

Measurement range insulation0 .. 100 MΩ
(fault: ±1 % of m. v. for 0 .. 20 MΩ, ±3 % of m. v. for > 20 MΩ ±1 Digit)
Resolution insulation0.1 kΩ
Measurement range loop0 .. 50 kΩ
(fault: ±1 % of measured value ±10 Ω absolute ±1 Digit)
Resolution loop  0.1 Ω (Cu)
Pipe lengthNiCr: max. 2500 m (1m = 5,8 Ω)
HDW / Cu (Nordic System): max. 4000 m
Pipe contact controlyes
Measuring voltage<= 24 V DC and < 100 mA (according to EN 14419)
DisplayLC display, monochrome grey, glare-free
Power supplyLi-Ion rechargeable battery, operating duration 10 h typ.
Features• Location tracking by GPS module
• SD memory card  (max. 2 GB, FAT 16)
• Integrated LED torch
• USB port
• Battery status display
Operating temperature-10 .. +50 °C
Admissible humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non condensing
Dimensions (l / w / h)approx. 221 / 106 / 35 mm
Weight, including case and accessoriesapprox. 1.55 kg (without outdoor box)

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