District Heating Monitoring with Leak Localisation

The leak locating District Heating Monitoring System PipeMonitor monitors the insulation and loop resistance of the surveillance pair in the insulation layer of district heating pipes (both “Nordic System” and “NiCr-System”) according to EN 14419.

The simultaneous surveillance of flow and return line ensures the early detection of e. g. pipe leaks, measuring loop interruption or pipe connection rupture already in the initial stage. Immediately triggered alarms prevent from cost intensive larger damages due to subtle long-term leaks.
The PipeMonitor recognises occurring additional leakages as well and triggers an respective alarm while surveilling NiCr-Systems.

The thresholds for insulation and loop resistance are programmable via built-in buttons which are shown in the display of the PipeMonitor main module. In addition to the settings the display can also indicate the current measuring values.

Each PipeMonitor module continually checks the integrity of the measuring loop thus implementing a pipe connection control. It triggers an alarm in case of a rupture.

All important data like measuring values, date/time stamps and fault locations (NiCr-system only) are stored daily to the internal memory of the PipeMonitor. The datasheet can be retrieved as a csv file.

For the remote alarm system the PipeMonitor is equipped with built-in dry output contacts. Additionally it can be connected to telecontrol systems or the LANCIER UMS System via different interfaces.
Interface options for failure/alarm reports:
• Alarm contact output (dry contact)
• Ethernet
• RS 485
• LANCIER Monitoring Tx-Bus

Insulation and loop resistance alarms may be acknowledged directly at the PipeMonitor by push-buttons.