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Insulation and loop resistance monitoring station with time domain reflectometer for fault location

The District Heating Monitoring System PipeMonitor-TDR surveilles the insulation and loop resistance of copper cables in pipes in the LANCIER Monitoring UMS system.

The integrated multiplexer module allows for the monitoring of up to 8 measuring pairs with only one measuring device.

If the PipeMonitor-TDR detects faults on one of the measuring pairs, the TDR module is automatically switched on for fault location. In this way, the location of the fault is determined within a very short time and troubleshooting can be initiated immediately.

A copper pair in the pipes to be monitored serves as a measuring loop, which is continuously measured by the PipeMonitor-TDR. The alarm thresholds for insulation and loop resistance are freely programmable on site or remotely. All settings are saved in an internal EEPROM memory to prevent losses.

For remote alarming, the PipeMonitor-TDR has built-in dry contact outputs.

The PipeMonitor-TDR detects and localizes anomalies such as humidity faults, wire breaks and wire-pipe contacts quickly and precisely.

Ordering Data

District Heating Monitoring System PipeMonitor-TDR
for fault location, equipped with time-domain reflectometer measuring module, color touch screen and
2-channel multiplexerOrder-no. 076872.002
4-channel multiplexerOrder-no. 076872.004
6-channel multiplexerOrder-no. 076872.006
8-channel multiplexerOrder-no. 076872.008

Technical Data

Number of Measurement channels8
Operating temperature-20 .. +40 °C
Admissible ambient humidity0 .. 95 %, humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions (W x H x D)546 x 416 x 186 mm
Resistance measurement 
Insulation resistance
Measurement range  /  Resolution   
0 .. 1 M / 0,001 MΩ, fault ± 5 % of measurement ±0,01 MΩ
1 .. 200 MΩ / 0,01 MΩ, fault ± 5 % of measurement ±0,01 MΩ
Loop resistance
Measurement range  /  Resolution
0 .. 10 kΩ / 0,001 kΩ, fault ± 5 % of measurement ±0,05 kΩ
Measuring voltage24 V DC
Signal LEDs 2 x green / red: Alarm / Acknowledged alarm / Display operation insulation resp. loop
1 x blue: display operation
Signal outputs2 dry change-over contacts for: insulation and loop resistance
Max. switchable voltage / current     100 V DC   /   0.1 A DC
Fault location via TDR 
Measurement range62.5 .. 64,000 m
Location fault

0.01 % .. 0.2 % of the measured value (12.5 cm to 8.0 m, depending on the subsections)

Impedance30 .. 500 Ω, adjustable
Impulse width10 ns .. 50 μs
V/250.0 .. 150.0 m/μs
Impulse amplitude10 V with matched load
Input sensitivity1 mV
Dynamic range80 dB
Signal outputdry change-over contact for: impedance
Max. switchable voltage / current     100 V DC   /   0.1 A DC

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