Measuring Card QE16

Measuring Card QE16
for addressable sensors

The measuring card QE16 is used to connect addressable sensors to the monitoring stations RTU and DW 1005E. It provides 16 channels for the Tx-bus, a free pair which can be allocated with up to 127 addressable sensors.

The large variety of addressable sensors for different physical parameters offers a flexible and economic solution for the surveillance of remote measuring points.

Ordering Data

Measuring Card QE16 for addressable sensors (Tx-Bus) Order-no. 047996.000
Connection cable VK 16, 2 m lengthOrder-no. 029943.000

Technical Data

No. of measuring channels16
No. of sensors per measuring channel127
Measuring range700 ... 2100 Hz
Input sensitivity≥ 35 dBm typ. (600 Ω)
Measuring coltage UATXadjustable at the power supply of the RTU/DW 1005E
20 .. 120 V DC / current limitation at 27 mA
channels not measured are short-cut
Protectionelectrically isolated, short-circuit proof inputs180 V (conductor/conductor) / 90 V (conductor/ground)

Common Technical Data

Operting temperature range0 .. +55 °C
Storing temperature range-20 .. +60 °C
Admissible humidity0 .. 95 % rel. rel. humidity, non condensing
Dimensionsapprox. 100 x 160 mm, required space 1 slot