Ordering Data

Ordering Data

Monitoring Station RTU
   36 ..75 V DC (DC/DC power supply unit)
   100 .. 250 V AC/45 .. 65 Hz (AC/DC power supply unit)

Order-no. 067400.008

Spare parts/Accessories
   CPU card RTU
Connection cable
 1.8 m, 9-pin SUB-D male/female
   CAN, 3 m, 9-pin, SUB-D female
   Communication module I-COM for RTU (analogue)
   with internal modem
   Interface card I-OTDR
   Interface caed I-OSW

Order-no. 072413.000

Order-no. 073134.000
Order-no. 073135.000
Order-no. 072445.001

Order-no. 071496.000
Order-no. 071517.000
Further odering data
   OTDR module,
 2 HU, 1625 nm, 40 dB, complete 
   (interface card and cable included)
   Optical switch module, Z HE, 1xX, complete


Order-no. 073XXX.0YY
X, Y and Z depending an configuration