Compressor-dryer base frame type RT-UG-PSC

Compressor-dryer base frame with air dryer and various pneumatic elements

The compressor-dryer base frame RT-UG-PSC is designed for large air output power. In combination with the compressor KCT 401S it will replace the formerly used series RT base frames in pressurisation systems.

The turn-key system is equipped with air-dryer and air storage tank for a fully automatic operation.

A compressor with sound proofed hood may be mounted optionally.

All measured values and eventually occuring operational faults are displayed in plain text and colour changeover at the control unit „Pressurisation System Controller“ (PSC). They can be forwarded to an external operational center by different communication channels like e.g. Ethernet (TCP/IP), Mod-Bus or the LANCIER Tx-Bus. There the evaluation might be processed by the UMS system.


RT-UG-PSC without compressor
base frame with air dryer and various pneumatic elements
Order-no. 075438.000
Compressor KCT 401S      
with sound proofed hood
Order-no. 070492.000

Technische Daten

Output power
with mounted compressor Type KCT 401S
8,500 Nl/h, 0 to -20 %
Combinable compressor typesKCT 401S
Operating voltage230V / 400 V +6% -10%, 50 Hz
Working pressure of compressorapprox. 6.0 bar
Opening pressure safety valve „compressor“8.0 bar
Working pressure On-Off3.0 to 5.0 bar
Opening pressure safety valve „high-pressure“8.0 bar
Output pressure0.5 bar, others on request
Opening pressure safety valve „cable pressure“0.7 bar
Dew-point of output air (typical)<  -20 °C
Content of air storage tank2 x 40 l
Ambient temperature limit+1 °C to +35 °C
Ambient humidity limit0 to 90 % rel. humidity, non condensing
Signal voltage48/60 V DC
Workplace-related emission value75 dB (A) ± 2,3 dB (A)
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)750 x 650 x 850 mm (without compressor)
Weightapprox. 132 kg (without compressor)