Mobile Pressurisation System LAM 2000

LAM 2000
Mobile Pressurisation System

The mobile pressurisation system LAM 2000 is the followup model of the proven LAM 2500. It is designed as a back-up system for stationary pressurisation systems during breakdowns e.g. due to repair or maintenance works.

Because of its revolutionary new two parts design with a control/dryer and a compressor module the LAM 2000 changed from a mobile system to a portable system. Only a few operations suffice to devide it into two modules which weigh less than 30 respectively 25 kg. Handles ease the transport.

The new display and control unit offers a lot more comfort to the user: faults, tendencies of the relative humidity of output air, operating hours and remaining time until the next service are available at a glance now.

Ordering Data

Pressurization System LAM 2000 with 3 m electrical and pneumatical supplies each, without condensate surge tankOrder-no. 073139.000

Technical Data

Output powerapprox. 2000 Nl/h
Number of consumer load connection point1
Operating voltage230 V, +6% -10%, 50 Hz
Current consumption of compressorapprox. 3,5 A
Working pressure of compressormax. 6,0 bar
Opening pressure safety valve „compressor“    7,0 bar ± 10 %
Working pressure On-Off3,0 to 5,5 bar
Opening pressure safety valve „high-pressure“7,0 bar
Output pressure0,5 bar, other on request
Opening pressure safety valve „cable pressure“ 0,7 bar ± 10 %
Relative humidity output air (typical)< 1,5 %
Content of air storage tank10 l
Ambient temperature limit+1 °C to +40 °C
Ambient humidity limit0 .. 90 % rel. humidity, non condensing
Signal-LEDsOperation (DC), Humidity (F), Fault (A), Servicing (W)
Signal output (floating)Fault (Humidity, Running time) (A)
Workplace-related emission value74 dB(A), Measurement uncertainty ± 2,3 dB(A)
Measuring system DIN 45635 section 1, in the room
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)450 x 355 x 980 mm
Weightapprox. 53 kg (Dryermodule 24 kg, Compressormodule 29 kg)