Pressurisation Systems Series RTS-PSC

RTS 1000-PSC | RTS 2600-PSC | RTS 5200-PSC
Pressurisation systems with control unit PSC

The proven pressurisation systems series RTS by LANCIER Monitoring guard copper cables against penetrating water and thus prevent a deterioration of transmission quality.

The turn-key systems are equipped with compressor, air-dryer and air storage tank for a fully automatic operation.

All measured values and eventually occuring operational faults are displayed in plain text and by colour changes at the control unit „Pressurisation System Controller“ (PSC). They can be forwarded to an external operational center by different communication channels like e.g. Ethernet (TCP/IP), Mod-Bus or the LANCIER Tx-Bus. There the data is evaluated and visualised by the UMS system.

Ordering Data

Pressurisation System RTS 1000-PSC with control unit PSCOrder-no. 075418.000
Pressurisation System RTS 2600-PSC with control unit PSCOrder-no. 075199.000
Pressurisation System RTS 5200-PSC with control unit PSCOrder-no. 075200.000


   AC/DC power supply, 230 V AC/60 V DC


Order-no. 071662.000

Technical Data

Pressurisation system typeRTS 1000-PSCRTS 2600-PSCRTS 5200-PSC
Output power (at cable pressure 0.5 bar)1000 Nl/h2600 Nl/h5200 Nl/h
Mounting capacity of air-flow metersmax. 10 FMA 200Cmax. 30 FMA 200Cmax. 50 FMA 200C
Compressor unitVD 7/2VD 28/2VD 50/4
Operating voltage, 50 Hz230 V, 1 Phase230/400 V, 3 Phasen230/400 V, 3 Phasen
Current consumption of compressor, approx.   4.0 A2.3 A3.6 A
Working pressure On-Off3.0 .. 5.0 bar
Output pressure0 bis 1.0 bar others on request
Dew-point of output air (typical)> -20°C
Ambient temperature limit+1 °C .. +40 °C
Ambient humidity limit0 .. 90 % rel. humidity, non condensing
Signal voltage48 or 60 V DC
Signal LEDsOperation (DC), Humidity monitoring off (F off), Test (system fault)
Signal output (floating)Fault (common signal A),  common signal A = F, M, T
Workplace-related emission value68 dB(A)63 dB(A)63 dB(A)
Dimensions (width x depth x height)600 x 400 x 880 mm600 x 630 x 1330 mm700 x 630 x 1760 mm
Weightapprox. 66 kgapprox. 135 kgapprox. 170 kg