Digital Flowmeter FMA 200C

FMA 200C
Digital Flowmeter

The FMA 200C is a highly accurate and reliable instrument to monitor pressurized cables. It may be used as a local measuring device or as an adressable sensor within the LANCIER monitoring system. The airflow measurement ispressure-independent at a range of 0 - 200 l/h. Actual values are shown at the 3 digit LC-display with a resolution of 1 l/h. The FMA 200C signalises the exceeding of programmed thresholds by means of a signal LED and the closing of an alarm relay contact. A built-in key is used to acknowledge the local signal.

The distribution block with integrated electrical and pneumatical bus system can house up to five FMA 200C without the need of costly connectors. Old LANCIER distribution blocks with mechanical flow meters can be conveniently replaced one-to-one.

The distribution block can also be installed into swivelling frames and frontdoors of pressurization equipment as well as into 19"- wall-mountcabinets and into the RTS 2802.

Ordering Data

Digital Flowmeter FMA 200C
Module with display and keys. Signal output via dry contacts
Order-no. 064952.100
Distribution block
equipped with 1 FMA 200C
equipped with 1 FMA 200C
equipped with 1 FMA 200C
equipped with 1 FMA 200C
equipped with 1 FMA 200C
Order-no. 064950.101
Order-no. 064950.102
Order-no. 064950.103
Order-no. 064950.104
Order-no. 064950.105
19" installation kit for one distribution block
(for installation into 19" wall-mount cabinets and front doors of RTS equipment)
Order-no. 064955.000
Pneumatic installation kit for one FMA 200C
(Output connector for new RTS equipment, 19" wall-mount cabinets and expansions)
Order-no. 065898.000
Common input air filter
(for installation into PE 10/7 hose when connecting to cable type PWE2Y)
Order-no. 071011.000
Blindplate 19", 2,5 HUOrder-no. 064498.000

Technical Data

Measuring range0 ... 200 l/h
Display resolution1 I/h 
Max. measuring error±3 % FS, ±1 Digit at +20 °C
Max. temperature drift±0,15 % FS/°C
Operating pressure0 ... 1 bar
Operating voltage36 ... 72 V= / 2,5 VA
Operating temperature0 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature-30 ... +80 °C
Admissible humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Signal outputdry contact, max. 100 V= / 0.1 A=
Remote readingTx-bus
Frequency range1000 Hz ... 2000 Hz
Resolution1 Hz  0,2 l/h
   Flowmeter (WxDxH)   
   Manifold block (WxDxH)

64,2 x 106,2 x 110,2 mm
322 x 150 x 110,2 mm
   Manifold block equipped with 5 flowmeters

approx. 0.18 kg
approx. 1.80 kg