Loop Resistance Module

The LANCIER Monitoring Rail-Module-Bus is a modular and robust sensor system.

Several measuring modules are mounted on a DIN rail and are directly connected to one another by means of plug-in contacts. The supply voltage, data analysis and control panel as well as their transmission to the remote measuring stations are carried out via the RM-Basic module.

The RM-Loop module is a measurement and monitoring unit for the surveillance of remote switches (eg. floating switches, door contacts) in the LANCIER Monitoring RM-bus.

Each RM-Loop module can monitor two loops continuously. The switch conditions are recognized due to the measured loop resistances. The alarm thresholds are freely programmable using the integrated keypad and the basic module’s display. All settings are saved in an internal EEPROM memory to prevent losses.

For the remote alarm system the RM-Loop module possesses built-in dry ouput contacts.

Additionally it can be connected to the LANCIER Tx-Bus, a Can-Bus or a telecontrol system via Modbus.

Ordering Data

Loop resistance measuring module
with control panel and signal outputs via dry contacts

Order-no. 074008.000
Power supply, communication and display module for the RM-Bus

Order-no. 074001.100

Technical Data

Loop resistance
Measurement range
0 - 9,99 kΩ, fault ±3 % of measurement, ±50 Ω
Resolution10 Ω
Measuring voltage24 V DC
Supply voltageby RM-Basic module
Displayby RM-Basic module
Signal LEDs
 LOOP 1 / LOOP 2: green/red

 DISPLAY: blue

Alarm / Acknowledged alarm / Display loop resistance
Display operation

Signal outputs2 dry change-over contacts for loop resistance alarms
Max. switchable voltage / current100 V DC / 0,1 A DC
Operating temperature-20 °C .. +65 °C
Admissible ambient humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions RM-Loop (W x H x D)89,7 x 72 x 62,2 mm