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LAB-Supply 2022
Jun-Air und LANCIER Monitoring sind dabei, bei der LAB-Supply:
19.10.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Sindelfingen, 09.11.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Münster


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Temperature Sensor for the Rail-Module-Bus

The LANCIER Monitoring Rail-Module-Bus is a modular and robust sensor system.

Several measuring modules are mounted on a DIN rail and are directly connected to one another through plug-in contacts. The supply voltage, data analysis and control panel as well as their transmission to the remote measuring stations are carried out via the RM-Basic module.

The RM-T2 measuring module continuously monitors temperature of e.g. district heating pipes, rooms and cabinets by means of external sensors. Its two measurement channels can read two different temperature sensors at a time.
The thresholds are programmable via built in buttons which are linked to the display of the RM-Basic module. Next to the settings the display can also indicate the current measuring values.

For the remote alarm system the RM-TH module possesses built-in dry output contacts. Additionally it can be connected to the ­LANCIER Tx-Bus, a Can-Bus or a telecontrol system via Modbus.

Ordering Data

Temperature measuring module without external sensors

Order-No. 074700.000
Power supply, communication and display module for the RM-Bus

Order-No. 074001.000
Temperature sensor
PT 1000,
measurement range -50 .. +180 °C
with connection cable, 5 m long

Order-No. 064634.010

Technical Data

  Measurement range

-40 .. +140 °C
0.5 °C, max. fault ± 2.5 °C
Measurement channels2
Supply voltage12 V / 5 V DC by RM-Basic module
Operating temperature-20 °C .. +65 °C
Admissible humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Displayby RM-Basic module
Signal LEDs
  2 x green / red

  1 x blue

Alarm / Acknowledgement / Temperature display
LC display at RM basic module is active for this specific sensor
Signal outputs2 dry change-over contacts: alarm temperature
Max. switchable voltage250 V AC
Max. switchable current1.5 A AC
Dimensions RM-TH (B x H x T)89 x 72 x 65 mm

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