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LAB-Supply 2022
Jun-Air und LANCIER Monitoring sind dabei, bei der LAB-Supply:
19.10.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Sindelfingen, 09.11.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Münster


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Interface module to integrate addressablesensors into the Rail-Module-Bus

The Rail-Module-Bus from LANCIER Monitoring is a compact and robust sensor system.

Several measuring modules are mounted on a top-hat rail and are directly connected to one another by means of plug-in contacts. The supply voltage, data analysis and control panel as well as their transmission to the remote measuring stations are carried out via the RM-Basic module.

The RM-Tx interface module is used to integrate addressable Tx-Bus sensors into the RM-Bus system.

In the Tx-Bus, measured values are transmitted at low bandwidth over long distances via a copper monitoring pair. The operating range might cover more than 50 km depending on the quality of the used copper pair (refer to our product information ‘Tx-Bus - Mode of operation and planning rules’).

The thresholds for the individual sensors are set on the server side via the connected monitoring system.

Ordering Data

Interface module to integrate addressable sensors into the Rail-Module-Bus

Order-no. 074005.000
Power supply, communication and display module for the RM-Bus

Order-no. 074001.100

Technical Data

No. of measuring channels1 channel for up to 127 Tx-Bus sensors
Bus voltage UATX60 V
Current limiting typ.30 mA
Measuring range700 .. 2400 Hz
Input sensitivity≥ 35 dB typ. (600 Ω)
Supply voltage12 V / 5 V DC by RM-Basic module
DisplayMonochrome LC-Display by RM-Basic module
Power consumptionmax. 4 W
Input measuring line
   pulse strength 1.2/50 μs

1000 V
Signal LEDs per measuring channel
  BUS green / red: 

  STATE green / red: 

  DISPLAY blau:

red: Signals pending
green: Measuring channel activated
red: Measuring interval
green: Operation
Display operation
Operating temperature range-20 °C .. +65 °C
Admissible ambient humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions RM-Tx (H x B x T)89,7 x 72 x 62,2 mm
A maximum of 4 RM-Tx modules can be connected to 1 RM-Basic module.

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