Leakage Monitoring and Fault Localisation in Pipe Systems

The LANCIER Monitoring Rail-Module-Bus is a modular and robust sensor system.

Several measuring modules are mounted on a DIN rail and are directly connected to one another by means of plug-in contacts. The supply voltage, data analysis and control panel as well as their transmission to the remote measuring stations are carried out via the RM-Basic module.

The 2-channel RM-WL monitoring module for measuring insulation and loop resistances, in order to detect and  locate leaks in pipe systems and rooms, monitors the insulation and loop resistance of a 4-wire WLC leak warning cable.

The leak warning cable is positioned below horizontal fluid-conducting pipes, if necessary inside an insulation layer, wrapped around vertical pipes or installed in regular loops in room floors. In this way, it can detect leakages of electrically conductive fluids, e.g. water, acids and alkalis.

The WLC cable is measured continuously by the RM-WL module. Threshold values for both the loop and insulation resistance can be adjusted locally via the built-in keys and shown on the display of the basic module. Alongside the settings current measured values are of course also displayed.

Furthermore, the RM-WL module recognises and reports line interruptions.

For remote alarms RM modules are fitted with potential-free alarm contacts. Beyond that they can be integrated into telecontrol systems or the LANCIER UMS monitoring system via a range of interfaces.

Furthermore, the use of the LANCIER UMS software makes it possible to display the pipe network’s status and to represent it in a geographical information system.

Ordering Data


Power supply, communication and display module for the RM-Bus

Order-No. 074001.100
Measuring module with control panel and signal output for
Leakage Monitoring and Fault Localisation (up to 1000 m) in Pipe Systems

Order-No. 074707.000
Measuring Module for 2 PT 1000 temperature sensors

Order-No. 074700.000
Contact Monitoring  Module for 2 contacts

Order-No. 074008.000
Voltage Converter 110 .. 230 V AC / 24 V DC, for DIN Rail Module

Order-No. 074009.000

WLC System

WLC leak warning cable
by the meter
Assembly as an end cable with plug and shrink cap
Assembly as an extension cable with plug and socket

Order-No. 075951.000
Order-No. 075952.001
Order-No. 075952.002
Connection cable WLC
with coupling, length 5 m
with coupling, length 10 m

Order-No. 075958.005
Order-No. 075958.010
Mounting kit plug WLCOrder-No. 075953.000
Mounting kit socket WLCOrder-No. 075954.000
T-fitting WLCOrder-No. 075955.000
End plug WLCOrder-No. 075956.000
Mounting clip WLC (10 pcs.)Order-No. 075957.000

Technical Data

Insulation resistance Measurement range

0 .. 50 MΩ, fault ±1 % of measurement,
±5 digits
0.001 MΩ
Loop resistance Measurement range

0 .. 9.999 kΩ, fault ±1 % of measurement,
±5 digits
0.001 kΩ
Location tolerance±1 %, ±1 m for insulation values < 1MΩ
for sensor wire 6.4 Ω/m
Measuring voltage<= 24 V DC, switchable and disengageable
Supply voltageby RM-Basic module
Operating temperature-20 °C .. +65 °C
Admissible ambient humidity0 .. 95 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
Displayby RM-Basic module
Signal LEDs2 x red/green: insulation condition
2 x red/green: loop condition
1 x blue: display operation
Signal outputs2 dry change-over contacts for: insulation and loop resistance
Max. switchable voltage / current100 V DC / 0.1 A DC
Dimensions RM-Iso (W x D x H)108 x 65 x 90 mm