Smart-Iso-Box 200/10

Smart-Iso-Box 200/10
Network analysis of communication cables via LoRaWAN®

The Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 is a cost-effective cable monitoring system from LANCIER Monitoring that uses LoRaWAN® ­communication for fast and effective data transmission. It can be easily integrated into existing LoRaWAN® networks.

As a LoRa node, the Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 measures the insulation and loop resistance of a representative twisted pair in telephone cables on a daily basis. If humidity penetrates, for example, the transmission quality deteriorates and the resistance values change. This is detected and reported by the Smart-Iso-Box 200/10.

The value of the loop resistance also provides information about cable interruptions, e.g. due to tearing, theft or sabotage. The resulting rapid damage detection enables immediate reaction and prevents greater damage and costs.
The Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 is additionally equipped with two contact inputs for the detection of e.g. float switches or access controls.

For easy configuration and parameter setting, the Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 has a USB interface and an easy-to-use Smart Tool.

The battery-powered Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 is independent of external power sources. It transmits measured values and device status information via ­LoRaWAN® to the control room. Here a meaningful assessment and visualisation can be carried out.

The range of data transmission in the LoRaWAN® is up to 2 km in urban areas and up to 15 km in rural, less built-up areas, depending on the local structural conditions. Data transmission is also possible through manhole covers, building walls and even out of cellars.

The Smart-Iso-Box can also be used as an alternative to manual checks of the measuring points. This avoids the time-consuming coordination of appointments with operators or residents as well as the elaborate entry into manholes, etc.  

The Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 is especially suitable

  • for telecommunications and control cables.
  • for operators of wired telephone networks.
  • as an alternative to manual checks of the measuring points.

Ordering Data

Smart-Iso-Box 200/10 for mobile measurement data readoutsOrder-no. 076362.000
   Installation kit for pole mounting

Order-no. 076380.000

Technical Data

Supply voltageExchangeable lithium battery, 3.6 V
Battery lifetime> 10 years at daily measurement
Number of measurement channels1
   Measuring range insulation0 .. 200 MΩ (Fault ±3 % of measured value ±10 kΩ absolute)
   Measuring range loop0 .. 10 kΩ (Fault ±3 % of measured value ±0.05 kΩ absolute)
   Pipe lengthmax. 2,500 m
   Measuring voltage<= 50V DC
Contacts2 contact inputs, cable length up to 10 m, permanently monitored
Data transferLoRaWAN® Standard
On-site display 5 LED: 3 x Status, 1 x USB-Power, 1 x USB-Detect
On-site operation1 button for real-time measurement
InterfaceUSB 2.0 interface for configuration of device
Operating temperature-20 .. +60 °C
Degree of protection by enclosureIP 66/67
Dimensions104 x 104 x 70 mm  (W x D x H)