Optical Fiber Attenuation Sensor

The FiberTxA-Mk2 is a stand-alone measurement and monitoring device for dark and active optical fibers. It contains a laser diode and a power meter. The FiberTxA-Mk2 uses a spare optical fiber as a measurement loop which is being measured continuously. The monitoring of a fiber between two stations is provided by the use of two fiberTxA. One is acting as a transmitter while the other acts as a receiver. The thresholds for the attenuation values are easily programmable with the built-in keys. The integrated display shows the measurement values and settings.

The sensor is equipped with dry output relay contacts to allow for remote alarming. Additionally it can be supplied with plug-in interface modules for the LANCIER Tx-Bus or CAN-Bus in order to integrate it into the Unified Monitoring System (UMS).