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LAB-Supply 2022
Jun-Air und LANCIER Monitoring sind dabei, bei der LAB-Supply:
19.10.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Sindelfingen, 09.11.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Münster


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Float Switch

for fluid level monitoring

The ingression of water and other fluids in manholes, dams or construction pits etc. can destroy valuable technical facilities. Even well sealed sleeves and other housings will be damaged when exposed to water for a long period of time. An effective protection against these damages is now available!

When for instance strong rainfall, pipe bursts or other unexpected events are flooding a manhole, the maintenance-free LANCIER Monitoring float switch immediately reacts to it.

The standard make is a pure switch for simple signalisation and can – if required – be remotely read by means of the LANCIER RM module system or an external contact sensor.

The version with built-in LANCIER contact sensor CTxA allows for the direct integration of the float switch into the LANCIER Tx-bus.

In these ways the float switch can be integrated into the LANCIER UMS monitoring system for remote reading, evaluation and alarming. Furthermore the switch state can be forwarded to telecontrol and process control systems.

Any external power supply for the LANCIER float switch or for the contact sensor CTxA is not necessary. The CTxA is fed through the Tx-bus, which can supply and read up to 127 addressable sensors (q.v. Technical Information Tx-bus).

Thus the monitoring of remote objects without electrical power supply is made possible in a simple and efficient way.

Ordering Data

Float switch
at multi housing, 5 m connection cable, opening/closing contact
equipped with connecting box and casting compound

Order-no. 074764.000
Order-no. 074764.010
Float switch
at multi housing, 5 m connection cable, opening/closing contact
incl. addressable contact sensor CTxA

Order-no. 074764.010

Technical Data Float Switch

Measuring rangeopen / closed
Equipment5 m connection cable
connecting plug at housing with gold plated contacts
waterproof housing, IP 68
Mediawater, alcalic fluids
Operating temperature-20 .. +70 °C, other temperature ranges on request
Storage temperature-30 .. +80 °C,other temperature ranges on request
Dimensions165 mm x Ø 50 mm

Technical Data Float Switch with Contact Sensor CTxA

Measuring rangeopen / closed
Communication and power supplyby LANCIER Tx-Bus (up to 127 sensors per measuring pair,
data transmission > 10 km)
Operating temperature-20 .. +70 °C
Storage temperature-30 .. +80 °C

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