Addressable Compressor Monitoring Unit

The ACS addressable compressor monitoring unit captures up to ten physical parameters that are needed to assess the operating status of stationary pressurization systems.

In the ACS process, output air from the pressurization system is conducted through a sensor unit that measures air temperature, humidity and total air flow. The compressor runtime, operating hours and the 230 V power supply are monitored via two 230 V connections. A readout input for a dry contact is also provided.

Sensors for ambient temperature, compressor temperature and compressor pressure are also available.

All measured parameter can be indicated directly on a LC display.

These readings can be transmitted for analysis to the LANCIER monitoring system via the Lancier Tx-bus or an optional CAN or Mod bus module. The readings allow for the quality monitoring of stationary pressurization systems and determination of the optimal maintenance time for the monitored pressurization system.