Ordering Data

Ordering Data

Digital Flowmeter FMA 200C
Module with display and keys. Signal output via dry contacts

Order-no. 064952.100
Distribution block for 1-5 FMA 200COrder-no. 064950.000
Blindplate for FMA-blockOrder-no. 064954.000
19" installation kit for one distribution block
(for installation into 19" wall-mount cabinets and front doors of RTS equipment)

Order-no. 064955.000
Installation kit for the first distribution block
(for replacement of flow indicators and expansions)

Order-no. 065897.000
Pneumatic installation kit for one FMA 200C
(Output connector for new RTS equipment, 19" wall-mount cabinets and expansions)

Order-no. 065898.000
Common input air filter(for installation into PE 10/7 hose when connecting to cable type PWE2Y)
Order-no. 071011.000
Micro air filter add-on kit for RTS 2802
(for installation of FMA 200C in RTS 2802)

-no. 071012.000
Blindplate 19", 2.5 HUOrder-no. 064498.000