LID-TxA Sensor

Adressable RKA Light Detector

The RKA light detector LID-TxA-S interprets optical signals of a shortcut direction indicator (RKA) (e. g. RKA 1.1 of Horstmann, which is connected to it by means of a plastic fiber optic cable.

The LID-TxA-S differentiates between:

  • red flashing source
  • green flashing source (a short red reference flash preceeds the green flash)
  • source does not post

The sensor transduces thedetected state into an output frequency and transmits it to the LANCIER monitoring system by means of the Tx-bus. The detector’s LEDs indicate the transmitted state at the sametime.

Ordering Data

Light detector LID-TxA-SOrder-no. 072203.000
Top hat rail for 5 snap-on housings, length 125 mm

Order-no. 041444.000

Technical Data

Supply voltage20 - 120 V DC
Nominal current4,2 mA typical
Quiescent current (at 60V supply voltage)150 μA typical
Time window (Addresse)1
Cycle time / Addresse2 s
Transmission time1,5 s
Deviation of transmission time< 100 ms
Reset time< 200 ms
Mechanical interface via plastic fiber optic cableexternal diameter 2.2 mm
internal diameter of core 1.0 mm
max. cable length 20 m, corresponding to an attenuation of < 3 dB
bending radius must be > 50 mm
Operating temperature-10..+60 °C
Storing temperature-20..+80 °C
Dimension (H x W x L)105 x 22,5 x 75 mm
Weightapprox. 100 g