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LAB-Supply 2022
Jun-Air und LANCIER Monitoring sind dabei, bei der LAB-Supply:
19.10.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Sindelfingen, 09.11.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Münster


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to connect to the LANCIER Tx-Bus

All sensor types mentioned below are connectable to the LANCIER Tx-Bus. They are applicable for a wide spectrum of tasks.

The LANCIER Tx-Bus is a robust two-wire bus. It only requires a dedicated pair of a copper cable. Up to 127 sensors can be connected to a single pair to transmit their measurement values in assigned time slots. Due to the fact that the power supply is also provided by means of the transmitting pair, an external supply voltage is obsolete. The working distance of the Tx-Bus reaches up to 200 (!) km, depending on the cable type and quality, thus enabling monitoringtasks in even very remote areas of the network.

More details about the function of the Tx-Bus and the achievable ranges can be found in the
LANCIER Tx-Bus Engineering information

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