Hydrotector H2
Cable Leak Detector

The Hydrotector H2 is designed to precisely locate even smallest leaks in pressurized cables. It can be used for detection along cable routes, in manholes, at distribution cabinets, in cable vaults and at cable terminations. The Hydrotector H2 is also most suitable for locating leaks in pipes, containers etc.

As tracing gas for the leak location a mixture of 90 % nitrogen and 10 % hydrogen (shielding gas as used for welding) is injected into the cable. At the leak it escapes and diffuses even through bitumen and concrete surfaces to mark the fault location. With its built-in reference sensor the Hydrotector H2 can reliably distinguish between the tracing gas and environmental gases, such as exhaust emissions.

The separation of probe unit and operating unit allows for very flexible applications like in narrow manholes. If the measurement location is accessible even more difficult, the actual sensor can be detached easily from the probe unit.

The versatilely adjustable probe unit provides ergonomic work and can be stowed particularly compactly in the included case.

Ordering Data

Hydrotector H2
incl. charging set 230 V 60-60 Hz, headphones, plunger,2 NiCd batteries, special case

Bestell-Nr. 057049.100
Accessories / Spare parts
   Tracing gas filling kit with single stage reducer and 5 m hose
   Charging set 10 V - 30 V DC
   Spare plunger

Bestell-Nr. 057388.000
Bestell-Nr. 072367.000
Bestell-Nr. 065893.000

Technical Data

Traceable detection variationfrom 1 ppm H2 in air
Tracing gas NH 1090 % nitrogen, 10 % hydrogen
(available as shielding gas 90/10)
Leak indicationacoustically and optically
Response timeapprox. 3 s
Power supplyrechargeable NiCd batteries
Time of use (with both batteries fully charged)approx. 8 h
Recharging timeapprox. 3 h
Dimensions of the case (W x L x H)600 x 420 x 200 mm
Weight (probe unit and operating unit)approx. 4.4 kg
Weight incl. accessories (case, charging set, batteries etc.)approx. 10.6 kg