Telecommunications network our lives

Every day lots of both private and commercial information is sent via fiber optic networks or copper cable in fractions of a second right around the world.
All a matter of course? Only a few people are aware of the monitoring technology running in the background that ensures trouble-free data transfer within the delicate telecommunication networks.

LANCIER Monitoring makes a major contribution in the monitoring technology field to improve operating and planning reliability. We're the only supplier to combine monitoring of standard copper cable and state-of-the-art fiber optic networks in a single system. This makes separate monitoring of the two communications networks superfluous. All monitoring data come together at a single point and are available to you as a network operator in real time. This enables you to quickly detect creeping cable faults, localise them and then optimally plan repairs before a connection breaks down. LANCIER Monitoring's solutions save costs and time and assist you in avoiding faults and breakdowns.