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Structural Health Monitoring

Why is manhole cover monitoring so important?

Manholes leading to underground supply systems are essential for their maintenance. Without these modern infrastructures our daily life as well as the economic system would collapse.

In particular, this concerns:

  • Telecommunications networks
  • Water supply networks
  • Gas supply networks and
  • Electricity networks

This makes these systems vulnerable to sabotage and terror attacks.

Supply networks are vulnerable

Every unsecured manhole represents an easy potential target.

In supply networks a very small action at a single point can inflict a huge amount of damage to property and people.

In telecommunications networks there is an added danger of ­espionage.

Lockable manholes

cannot permanently prevent access, at best they can delay it.

Especially in secluded areas it is easy to gain access to supply networks without being noticed.

The solution: Manhole cover monitoring with LANCIER Monitoring

System diagram of manhole cover monitoring

Thanks to permanent monitoring and quick reporting whenever a manhole cover is opened any countermeasures necessary to ­protect the networks can be initiated immediately.

Manhole cover monitoring with automatic alarm systems

With the optical fiber attenuation sensor RM-Fiber 4S fiber optic lines can be monitored in series using up to 4 CoverSensors for 4 manholes.
Measuring arrangements can be laid out in a loop or in one direction with a light source at the opposite end.
The CoverSensors work without any power supply.