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LAB-Supply 2022
Jun-Air und LANCIER Monitoring sind dabei, bei der LAB-Supply:
19.10.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Sindelfingen, 09.11.2022 LAB-SUPPLY Münster


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Monitoring Station OTDR-RTU

All-in-one monitoring solution for fiber optic networks

The LANCIER Monitoring OTDR-RTU is a compact all-in-one monitoring solution for fiber optic networks.

It features a high-end OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer), an optical switch for 16 or 64 ports and all necessary ­electronical components in a single neat unit, that can be installed in a 19” rack and only uses a single height unit.

The wavelength of 1650 nm is ideal for continuous monitoring of fiber optic cables (dark fiber or life fiber) as well as for fiber optic sensors such as the LANCIER Monitoring CoverSensor for structural health monitoring (buildings, manholes etc.) or the AquaSensor for humidity intrusion detection.

With 41 dB dynamic range the OTDR-RTU can monitor up to 160 km (uni­directional) or 320 km (bidirectional).

All data is transmitted via IP network to the LANCIER Monitoring UMS system for data storage, visualisation and alarming.


Ordering Data


Order-no. 076724.xyy

xyy =

102: 16 port, AC
202: 16 port, DC
601: 64 port, AC
701: 64 port, DC

Technical Data

Port numbers 16 or 64 ports
Laser Class Class 1
Dynamic range 41 dB
Wavelength 1650 nm
Pulse width 5 ns - 20,000 ns
Data points Up to 256,000
Resolution 0.1 to 16 meters
Event dead zone 0.8 meters
Attenuation dead zone 4 meters
Distance accuracy ± (0.8 + resolution + 9.5 x 10-6 x distance) meters
Optical Switch lifetime 1 x 109 cycles
Port scanning time 2-5 seconds
Operating temperature -5 to 55 °C
Storage temperature -43 to 85 °C
Max. relative humidity (non-condensing) 85%
Power consumption max. 13 W
Power supply 230 VAC or (-72 to -38) VDC 

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